The Shirt Shack artist can develop a design to your specifications or use artwork that you already have.

Our art department works with “Camera-Ready” or digital art. Camera-Ready artwork is high quality black and white artwork that is ready to be processed by us to be used for printing.

If the design is multi-colored, a separate B&W image is required for each color.

Camera-Ready artwork is not photocopies of any type, a fax, business cards or other printed items, dirty artwork (smudges or marks), or graphics from the internet.

We accept digital artwork , in most formats, at 190-300 dpi, 100% printing size. We prefer Macromedia FreeHand, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator native file formats. We do not accept Corel Draw files. Save Corel Draw images in Generic EPS Format. Other file types which we do not accept are GIF, PageMaker, Quark,

Microsoft Word or Power Point.

Font related issues are a common hold up in preparing artwork for production. Always provide a copy of the fonts used even if they are common fonts. To avoid font problems be sure to convert all type to shapes.


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